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Who Will I Be? Poem By Ryan Ngala

Who Will I Be? Poem
By Ryan Ngala

In the future,
Who Will I See,
As I have a dream,
To be a part of the news team.

As I see myself,
On top of the ladder,
To work harder,
Go farther.

Reach higher,
As many people who would teach me,
In my neighborhood,
How to read, write, and everything that I could.

So I can be an achieved person,
Succeed and proceed to the next level,
So when I work hard I’ll be on national television,
To be recognizing who this man really is.

I’m a grown boy,
And I’ll take care of everything,
Because them boys can’t tell me anything,
I can write stories,
And I even do some graphics designs,
But I cannot just be like everybody else,
Unlike these hoes that I see in the streets.