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The E.T.C Advisors

These are the ones
Who has sense of humor
Who work harder
Go farther
They have bigger dreams for themselves
They have work together as a team
At the Harlem Children’s Zone
They can imagine how
Young teens
Failing their class
Where they should be passing
For which they’ll be working hard

Piece of Art Poem (With Mr. Anthony Lezama Jr.)

Piece of Art Poem
Edited, Recited, Typed & Written  By  Mr. Ryan Ngala & Mr. Anthony Lezama Jr. Ryan Ngala's Poems™ | STN® Poetry™
Anthony’s Verse: Taking away a piece of my art,
Is like taking away a piece of my heart,
It’s like the soul I was given at birth when I had a life to start,
The words from my mind become statements said out of my mouth,
They have so much power; I could take a lazy person from off their couch.

Ryan Ngala’s Verse: It’s like the piece of the puzzle,
For a coloring picture,
It’s like a drawing created in my mind,
It’s like seeing the light for a picture so bright,
It’s like creating a molten color picture for the artwork piece of my colorful creation.

Anthony’s Verse: My creations stand tall in my mind,
I have art in my brain,
I would never leave behind,
The days seem long,
My work never seems wrong,
The beauty of work is like a song.

Ryan Ngala’s Verse: For like the piece of a sculpture,
Or a beautiful painting,
For this is a fine piece of art,
For which is really fa…

Searching 4 Somebody By Ryan Ngala

Looking at the park
As somebody was gone
Went on searching 4 her
But not knowing where she was
Or where she was spotted from
But as I can tell
She’s was hiding from the woods
But there she was
As I found her at last
Safe and Sound