It's Time (For You To Leave) Poem | Ryan Ngala

Edited, Recited, Typed & Written
Ryan Ngala

It’s time,
For you to leave,
For what you’re determine & destine to be,
In such a wonderful & a beautiful place you’ll find yourself to be.

For so much more you need to be,
That you’ll be talking out & just let it out & just to be saying things about,
In their own conversations,
In your own thoughts.

In your own expiations,
In your own minds & words,
In the memories,
That I have had to miss.

Now that this is so hard,
You’ll always go far,
For whom you are always to be & really are,
To achieve & succeed.

Because you’ll always shine just like a star,
As you unite & to become #1,
Because you will always become known as the bomb,
When will I never ever see you again?.

The last chance I’ll say to you goodbye,
The next time,
I’ll ever see you,
Because it’s time for you to leave.


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