He Is The One Poem | Ryan Ngala

He Is The One Poem

Edited, Recited, Typed & Written
Mr. Ryan Ngala

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He Is The One For Me,
He Will Never Leave,
Nor Forsake Me,
Just Like He Say In His Word,
That His Message Will Be Spread,
Across The Entire World.

He Is The One For Me,
He Will Always Show Love & Care For Me,
He Will Always Be There For Me.

He Is The Son, 
The Creator Of All Things,
Heaven & Earth,
That's why he gave My mom at birth,
When I Was Born like a baby boy,
That I Enjoy Playing With Toys.

But I will always live my life for the fullest & still be living for the moment,
When God has enter me to the bottom of my heart,
Right where I need it,
But My Mom wants to see a change in me but I told her,
"Don't you worry cause God will always be my lover, protector, healer and he has seek good things into my life no matter what the consequences they are into my entire life".


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