C.S.O [College Success Office] Poem | Ryan Ngala


[College Success Office]

Edited, Recited, Typed & Written
Mr. Ryan Ngala

C stands for College

You should use some more knowledge
You should know all the stuff in your brain
Before you get yourself to be drain
As you achieve yourself to become more
Successful like Drizzy Drake

There is no limit of what you can make
There’s always a choice between you & your future
Your decision is all up to you C.S.O students
Don’t let them haters talk to you as they burst themselves with laughter

Don’t let them stop you on your own level
Cause they ain’t shit to all y’all suckers out there
Unlike the devil’s evil plan mastermind

S stands for Success

As you realize for yourself
That you will always consider
Yourself to be the best
Imagine as you are just about to receive your internship

As you see yourself
Getting a grade higher or up
On your report card
You go so hard
As you see yourself
Going so far
You shine just like a star
Can you dig it?

The C.S.O staff members
Will always be by your side
As they will strive to always believe to you
No matter in any class subjects

Just go and get yourself
A tutor ad visor
And they can help you
With that
With whatever the subject that is

O stands for Office

Have you consider yourself
Having your own stuff
In your own personal space
That you want to meet
With a student in having a conversation

Better yet
An explanation
Into telling them what is going on
On whatever topic
That can contain specific details
On each issue as it is

Being Informed
As to let others know
This is no personal issue
It’s just business
Or life as we know it
By now


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