Figure Skating In Harlem (F.S.H) Poem | Ryan Ngala

Edited, Recited, Typed & Written


Mr. Ryan Ngala

Ryan Ngala’s Poems™ | STN® Poetry™

The girls join the program,
To Figure Skating In Harlem,
To go & skate on the ice,
They do it so nice.

Don’t let the boys want to hate,
But let them appreciate the effort,
For whatever or whenever the girls are really are so for doing,
That it gets them girls going.

There on another level,
Don’t let them be control,
By the devil,
To let them be stressing others or to be frustrating by themselves.

Because they are to bless to be stress,
To look on forward to their future and brighter success,
So when they get their awards,
All the parents said “Yes! Good job girls”.

As parents raise their daughters,
To become as known as better figure skaters,
To work harder & rise higher,
Let the Instructors’ & Advisors’ help you out.

Don’t let yourselves to be out,
On the streets late @ this time,
Of night,
As Figure Skating In Harlem will be a nice place for you girls to be @ home.


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